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Nina J

Mens Festival and Rave Outfits: Mushroom Kimono and Geometric Leggings

Mens Festival and Rave Outfits: Mushroom Kimono and Geometric Leggings

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For doing whatever the f#&@ you want...

Or: the best men's look going these days, if you are going to a festival or rave. A kimono and shiny leggings!

The kimono is made from high quality drapey spandex with a bamboo collar band and sash. You can sash it but the best look is to wear it open, over bare chest or a tank top or Tshirt. This kimono is printed made by a third party in Montreal, and will ship separately from the leggings, which are made by me.

The leggings are high quality stretchy spandex fitting sleek but with a little more crotch room than women's styles. And a longer inseam: 32, but you can request longer or shorter. These are handmade by me so I can do slight adjustments.

Kimonos come in two sizes: easy for ordering! S/M, or L/XL

Leggings can be ordered by the jeans waist size that you normally wear, in inches.

Both Items are best hand washed and line dried. You can put them in the washing machine, but put the leggings inside out so they keep their shine. And best not to put them in the dryer!

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Nina Jones: Shop Owner, Designer

Nina Jones is an independent designer in Vancouver, Canada. She specializes in niche market fashions, so you can express yourself off the beaten path!